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  • [Mercury] Back2Basics is recruiting


    Back2Basics is looking for English speaking, active players over level 170.

    We are an international guild, that has been around for a while, with more or less of a name
    We're quite close to guild level 8, with several veteran players. We were formally known as BritishAssassins, if that rings a bell.

    Our usual activities:
    -Dungeon runs! (Anything up until AFI/AHV is common, AFT2 happens every once in a while, and we'd like to give EoD3 a few more tries soon)
    -Boss hunting (PF,PI)
    -Mission wars, occasionally - we sometimes get into the top 10 as well!
    -Guild events

    Now, there's 1 important thing: we value intellectualism and having a fun community more than hardcore gaming. Our community is most likely the best one on the server (and I'm not exaggerating )

    If this little introduction sparked your interest, and you meet the requirements, then you are welcome to join our ranks!

    Are you interested? Do you have questions? Ask us ingame:
    Watchman94 , MoonTheHusky, Dracoblades007
    (Mail/whisper preferred)

    Some more "advertisement" about the guild:

    CABAL Guild Dance Video 2015:

    CABAL Guild Video 2016:

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    YouTube: 1 minute CABAL guides! Awesome tips & tricks

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    Bump! You can also contact: Groot, MrJoint, and DovahFB
    YouTube: 1 minute CABAL guides! Awesome tips & tricks


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      This post contains a few updates regarding the original post (since the forums won't let me edit that).
      First of all, to adapt to the ever developing game, we have increased the level requirement to lvl 190! (180+ for friends, relatives and people who find this post and tell us the password: "Damn it MoonMoon")
      We have reached guild lvl 11, and are speeding towards lvl 12

      Our greatest success at this point is having finished Tower of the Dead B3F several times with our guild parties! Another thing worth mentioning regarding mission wars, is that we have managed to go as high as war rank 4 for a week, and are usually in the top 10.

      There has also been a change in the leadership. It does happen from time to time that a player or two decides to pursue some goals in life that require them to give up gaming.
      So, if you wish to join us, or have any business regarding our guild, contact:
      • Watchman94
      • MrJoint
      • DovahFB
      • TheMoonMoon
      • SsAmURrAiSoul
      • MaRgErOs
      YouTube: 1 minute CABAL guides! Awesome tips & tricks