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  • Account Blocked without reason.

    seven months ago my account was banned and after more than a week I received a response from the gm where they said that my account had been temporarily banned for 7 days due to third-party program. After a month, not worried about the situation (because I did not use cheat or even a breasted macro), I continued to play. Leaving more than a week the wi to the dummy for the pet (had just come out for lv 20), I received a ban. After days of waiting at the ticket, the gm gave me a perma ban. Despite trying to explain the situation, the gm left me with an automatic response.
    I was informed about it and in fact I heard many ban for "afk dummy" and "auto ban MO" due to a buggy quest.

    A guild member, Enigma, received a ban for mo (the quest was buggy because it was too fast).
    The same thing happened on the NA server.

    I write all this after seven months and more than 40 tickets sent because I would do justice to a clean account, where there is a wizard with a 3.4k aa, where there are the money spent on the premium and various costumes.
    I want the gm can find the difference between those who really use third party parts and who does not.

    I am continuing to play with another account with my friends, waiting for one day to do justice. After all, many banned people received the "grace" from the GM, while bot and cheater are still on the loose at bloody ice.

    Let some GM make itself heard


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    Didn't hack either but got banned while on dummy.