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  • cabal macro using

    hello . I want to ask question about macro using.
    I Never use - appeciate them. but many ppl using them and they says " it isnt aoe bot etc, so it isnt illegal "

    just wondering in cabal rules. using macro is illegal ? if no , why ?
    if yes, why macro user bladers(retarget) arent banned ? many of ppl using macro at event bosses to get drops ( for spamming space etc)
    and some of them using it to grind exp, or getting dung cards etc. why they are still alive on servers ?
    thanks for answers.

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    We had this discussion once (like a year ago) with the ending conclusion that Macros ain't illegal - furthermore it's said to be legal.

    Using macros doesn't exclude that someone is still playing and sitting in front of the screen (i.e. BL bm2 macros) while a Bot is defined as working on it's own. (*1)
    For example: Use macros for afk lvling in AT and u die, therefor u've to return ur character to the spot again by urself in order to gain a boost.
    If a Bot gets killed, it's just reviving itself, moves to the point etc. (just look at those QJHZ23ZG24-names and kill one of them to see).
    Leading to the point that the advantage given by macro is limited to a small boost. That's actually a reason why some games (i.e. WoW) have macro settings ingame to make the game more comfy.

    (*1) For that matter I even got somewhere a reply by Support saying smth equal to that after reporting an afk lvl in at. Or just ask the support urself to be 100% sure about this n_p
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    • Ekip
      Ekip commented
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      How many years have bladers been obviously using macro to retarget? ^^ i know some people dont. I even tried myself manually and found it no problem. But the vast majority have done it since the beginning. Its the only reason the class is so popular. And im pretty sure GM have been fully aware of it since retarget became a must in order to play the class. Macros have became so common its almost beyond fix. There wouldnt be enough bladers left on eu to make a full party lol

    • SoloBlack
      SoloBlack commented
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      was thinking as like you darksidecookie. but someone telling " no its not illegal etc "
      in this case, we should wait for ticket answer I think.

    • Kreep
      Kreep commented
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      It should be as Cookie said. Problem is, if it was, EST would have to ban like 70% of top Cabal players, even some cashers, so obviously they can't afford to do that xD

      When 2K guild was still on Mars they did videos of people who left their char on macro exping during the night. IIRC none, or only RLY few got ban.

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    thanks for answer. as you said, best thing is writing a ticket. I will share the answer there.


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      they dont even car about copied items these Anima Gems/Pets 5 cd/5 maxrate Slots copied half jear ago due Bug are still in the Game
      yes Cabal game support are worse like always


      • Kreep
        Kreep commented
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        I heard PoE is flawless.

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      so ;


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        i see much more ppl in AT, not only "badass" Bladers, and nearly everyone is using loot macros @ the event bosses


        • SoloBlack
          SoloBlack commented
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          true.. but support says " its illegal"

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        ofc its illegal, its usage of freakin 3rd party software, the fuk mate....
        Eternity till the end


        • BrennendePoperze
          BrennendePoperze commented
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          servus ihr beiden

        • Arkei
          Arkei commented
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          Shiet da is ja noch einer, was geht?

        • Claptrapthef4g
          Claptrapthef4g commented
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          and still u use macro lel

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        Idk, this guy Hai Nguyen, even made a video how to retarget with macro razer keyboard/mouse , so thats obvious that he is using macro too, so why gms doesnt ban him if its illegal? here is the vid:


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          Automatic response by GMs n_p.
          Just try and report someone using macros in AT and send in a short clip of it. They won't ban anything and response smth like:
          "Rest assure we will do everything to keep blablabla. We will investigate this bla bla." And the AT-level0r will never be baned
          Can only repeat I tried to like 1-2 years ago and it's just pointless to do so.

          We all know EST long enough to just claim it's legal.
          By baning macro users they can say bye bye to 70-80% of cabals community and prolly all CC Buyers.
          If they don't even catch the most obvious hackz0rs (Mercurys legend xRaizer who farmed the sh1t outta AC in duo mode and didn't get baned for months) there's no need to worry bout macros kek
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            Copy paste from the EULA that nobody reads when agreeing and creating account. Macro using is against the rules, whether for BM2 retargetting or Senilinea overlord experience. The rule is there, they just need to start enforcing it.

   ## 2.2 Code of Conduct. ## While using the Service and Software, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. While using the Service, you agree not to: Engage in using macros (i.e., "macroing"), auto-looting or robot play (i.e., "booting") or any other behavior that allows you (or any character you are controlling) to automatically function or effect any action in a game with or without your presence;
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            • RatzaTM
              RatzaTM commented
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              I know Pike, just pointing that out for anyone that would take into account stopping using macros. With the new update, with melee classes automatically retargeting to a specific number of hits, I don't see any "valid" reason for cheating anymore ... not that retargeting was a reason.

            • playboy88
              playboy88 commented
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              That Eula is a) outdadet and b) not valid for austria and german players idk. about other european countries but for these 2 countrie the law decidet that they have to provide u the Eula before u buy the game or program. if u already bought it and dont know about any Eula that comes with installation and may dont let u progress if u dont accept it is not legit.
              In case of cabal that means they have to provide it to u before downloading the game

            • Mtotheichi
              Mtotheichi commented
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              guess nobody care anymore as soon they can generate money