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  • The truth about how Nenya got scammed

    So it's time for us, to make some things clear and tell the whole story how nenya was scammed.

    To start, let me explain who was part of the team as it happened.

    - Nenya ( was a member of the team for the longest time ( that's why 'Team Nenya')

    -Malstra ; after Nenya, he was the guy who was playing with nenya together, before member nr3 joined ->

    -Teshy, joined around august 2016, scammed the char iNenya in early november.

    DEVELOPMENT of the scam:

    Fun fact: It all happened within 2 hours - Teshy wanted to leave the team once again, for whatever reasons ( his 'reasons' are listed later)
    Malstra was still playing at this moment ( doing dungeons, hunting pf etc bla bla), when Teshy said he want to split up because he 'couldn't take it no longer'.

    Malstra went afk and Teshy went online, before there were already conflicts about how the split up would be fair ( who gets how much alz/items)

    Meanwhile Malstra was talking with Nenya in private chat about what was fair, since Teshy claimed 70 % of the value for his own, which was just not

    Suddenly we received a message in our Team Nenya facebook chat:


    -I already transfered the char and took what I think is fair

    -I was afraid that you scam me ( lol?)

    this happened within 30 mins and we didnt notice fast enough.

    What he took:
    the char itself ( bought by malstra and nenya in early 2016 from jupiter (iDawns old fa) )
    - all nice costumes ( property of nenya) around 10-15 pieces
    - all guilds created by Nenya and KilluX
    - fighter belt +18
    -talisman of destruction
    - perfect aoc and ee effector
    - arcana of chaos +13
    12 cd orphidia ( yellow) unbind
    cr + rol 3
    probably I missed alot :-)

    what we got: pw5


    sold for a total of 230 b for 2 players ( malstra, nenya)
    etimated price of the whole stuff: 650 b

    Value taken by Teshy: 420 b

    so thats Malstra 115 b, Nenya 115 b, teshy 420 b

    After the scam: Another char from our account got kicked immidiately from BonnieAndClyde guild, Malstra got kicked from discord server, any contact was denied by the guild, except from Coelh0, who was
    neutral, but couldnt do anything about it.

    Why Teshy is still integrated in the game?

    Well, bonnie is a huge guild, and he had a great support after what he has done: well, mainly from people who live in his country or speak at least his mother language - those people are Jovic and Zzoki.

    I know that there are some calculations from this guy that would prove him right, but you can always design a story where you are right - for example Malstra upgraded the old Talisman from +9 to +10, which was a huge value increase
    at that time: Teshys comment: nah dude that doesnt count. - xD.

    And the last thing I want to tell you - well, its more an indirect question:

    Would you destroy a 21k attack ability fb to play on a crap char afterwards? after Malstra and Nenya trusted you 1 1/2 years and let you play on their account/char ? that is another aspect that should
    stimulate people to think about this guy, the second strongest fb on eu just gone?
    Malstra gambled some alz while events, indeed, but not more than 5 b in 1 year, while farming 50 b and CCashing another 150 b with his money - not to mention his part of the team before Scamshy joined.
    And that was the reason to scam the 21 k aa fb? K den. Seems legit.

    I know, some people will say it was no scam, since he left some charities, but yeah 115 b each. Thats like you rob the bank account of you and your wife, take 70%, walk away and say something like: lmao dude fair share.

    That's it. We just wanted to make some things clear and we hope that some questions are answered now. For any other questions, you might message me on facebook ( search for Nenya Cabal).

    Yours sincerely,

    Team Nenya

    Auctoritas non veritas facit legem [GA] Nenya (pls)

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    Could please explain your math beyond Teshy's 420b value? Because either im really bad at math or you counted like belt +18 as a 70b or something. Also, you forgot to add, Teshy left you boots (34 amp sig), combined charm, arch eof/eog, 10 cd costume, 2x siena ( ~12b total),laws +15 and 17b that Nenya (real Nenya, not TEAM) owed to Jovic but of course you wouldn't miss that so I'm guessing you were tired while writing this post or something
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      Funny that the only guy answering is teshys little blind servant.
      Indeed, I might have been a little bit tired.
      What you forgot to mention though, are the values of the items at that point of the game.

      Cm sigmetal boots were 0/3 extreme, the other parts which were 3/3 were taken by teshy ofc.

      It was also tactical cleverness, to leave those items, which were decaying in it's value; e.g. aol 15, not worth more than 28-29 b at that moment, whereas aoc+13 is worth more than that probably.
      And yes, 10 cd acc bind costume w/o slots and 2 medium good sienas which were worth like 9 b ( 12 b? top kek)

      And nope, I didnt count belt for 70 b. Dw. I counted pet for 40 b, which is the minimum for mcr pets rn.

      So congratz for your try to defend him, but you should try to focus on essential aspects which I mentioned in my post above

      Yours sincerely,

      Auctoritas non veritas facit legem [GA] Nenya (pls)


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        Cmon XD Belt was 50b, now its 30b - you dont mention that, do you? Boots 0/3 or not, still worth ~30b at that point. Since you refuse to do the math, let me do it for you:
        Items taken by Teshy (your imaginary 420b value):
        Pet 40b, Suit 35b (even tho now its 28-29b, but lets count with 'old' prices), Gloves 35b, LETS SAY costumes + guilds 5b for whatever reason, Belt 45b, Tali 50b, Effectors 6b, Aoc +13 20b (dont even try to say its more than 30 since +15 is ~50-55b atm), amulet 4b, rings 2b, char 10b (no pene rune at that time), now lets add this all together and we get... 252b - 17b (Teshy paid YOUR 17b debt to Jovic after selling Talisman because you would never pay him anyway) = 235b --> very close to your 420b indeed. You guys on the other hand got 230b you said + boots 30b, laws +15 sold for 32b to OC, Combined charm ~15b, arch eof + eog easily 10b together + 2x siena 12b (dont say 9b since you sold one to TESHY for 6b, 2nd one wasnt 3b one) --> 329b
        You said yourself your part is 160b ("70b from before, 80b bought alz, 10b farmed"), that leaves Lars aka Malstra with 169b who said by himself his part is 150b. 19b "bonus" + 118k merits account

        And you still gonna say it was a fair idea to share everything 1/3 of char worth ~600b after both of you admitted your part in char (160b + 150b)?

        Also, 70% of 600b is 420b (Teshy's "TAKEN" value) - now I know how did you count that, should've deduced it earlier xD Too bad he took 185b too less. I bet if he knew that would happen, he would take this much and I would ing clap clap for it.


        PS. my bad, char was with pene rune, so Teshy took 5b more (char worth 15b instead) --> only 14b "bonus" instead of 19b
        Last edited by yamsi; 01-25-2018, 05:36 PM.


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          X - - - - D

          Malstra with 169b who said by himself his part is 150b.

          kinda true, he said it. but is it reasonable ? nope. Malstra deserved much more than 150 b, it was just a thoughtlessly comment on autists rage about few 100 kk once again.

          + 1k medals. well, said thing is, medals are char bind, so where are they?

          bought alz by malstra? prolly 100 b + 80 b from before + uhm ... 10 b? let's be realistic. 10 b was only by tempus rings. 30 b seems more realistic though.

          On the other hand, some corrections I have to make at this point: boots 28 b, aol 30 b to OC, sienas were 10 b together.

          LETS SAY costumes + guilds 5b for whatever reason , are you on drugs? xD

          costumes are worth like 8 b only in cc, also they were not his costumes, but mine. same goes for guilds, which I wont count as any alz.

          'Belt was 50b, now its 30b - you dont mention that, do you?' Ofc I am not, because I calculate with prices at the point the scam happened.

          Don't try to deny it, you have the wrong informations Sebastian and they are not even your own...

          I guess every side would tell another story

          But I just want people to know that something with Teshy is not that legit as it seems .


          PS. my bad, pene rune was bought for 7 b (cheap at that moment), so 17-20 b worth
          PS nr 2: 235 b doesnt match neither your nor mine calcs xD
          Auctoritas non veritas facit legem [GA] Nenya (pls)


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            So you sold boots for 28b so boots are 28b but If Teshy would sell belt for 30b (luckily) now, would it be 30b? xD I just said every part with OLD price and you come up and say boots with current prices XDDDDDDDD OH ME OH MY..

            I know you're the one and almighty Nenya who always needs to be right but... not this time unfortunately.

            Last thing - pene rune isnt paid yet and Teshy will need to pay for it so it doesnt add value to the char and yea, my bad with medals

            I simply find it funny, you call it a scam when you got a fair share (or even more than a fair) but as I said.. Almight Nenya deserves +50b for the nickname alone hihi ^_^


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              Fair share, uhm fair like... just taking as much as you want ? You dont have to lie to yourself with your fair sharing and bla bla, It wasn't fair. Not even. And teshyt ook much more than he deserved.

              At least I am not a little school boi who needs help from his big croatian friends.

              So Nenya has been around for idk how many years. 100 b pls .

              I simply find it funny how you still still find reasons to defend him ^_^, you must be someone who hasn't merged with Scammshy yet xD
              Auctoritas non veritas facit legem [GA] Nenya (pls)


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                Ok well, last post shows how little you know about what's happening ingame etc. so yea, no point in further discussion, Yamsi out.


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                  No1 cares about u little cheat0r mother f u k k a ´Z


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                    Auctoritas non veritas facit legem [GA] Nenya (pls)


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                      Auctoritas non veritas facit legem [GA] Nenya (pls)


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                        Can you tell your real life friend Malstra to stop lying and spreading fake news? :-) taking less than 50% alz =/= taking ALL alz afaik but maybe in Germany they teach other math, idk idk :/


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                          Thank you for free promotion! Forgot to screenshot that.
                          The math taught in germany is extraordinary good, dw :-)
                          And I think you and your boyfriend are not in position to talk about fake news :/

                          Greetings ~
                          Auctoritas non veritas facit legem [GA] Nenya (pls)


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                            You guys aren't on the same page since Malstra is saying Teshy took all alz and you say you guys got 300b+ hmmm hmmmm, did you take his part by any chance and say that it was Teshy instead? :O THAT'S SOME NEWS RIGHT HERE

                            Free bump to prove you wrong even more, you're right, ty


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                              Don't worry, we are still on the same 'page', so no news I guess

                              That does prove us totally wrong, damn.
                              Auctoritas non veritas facit legem [GA] Nenya (pls)