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    I check I tell you war dg s 170-200 war ends in 15 minutes, did you give me the answer. Let me give an example or any other war we averaged 10 minutes in 3 units SA bi guard close to its center one cut L guard, is close to my heart can come to the SA guard cut. Since 2007 I've been in this game is. I played wi. 180 W 170 W and 165 levels in FS was told that he was on the URLs where my lost another matter. Make a statement that it's me. I could not find another explanation of the illegal program. 191 LVL 162 FB glum and castes. Fully serviced and diamond exp with premium entry. I've never used it before illegal program. I'm talking about the GameMasters from 2007 until the ESTs had moved to our palates. I did not move after the first news already frustrated.
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      I'm sorry for all of them in English translation.

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    Hey one gm is looking here o find a new channel in youtube look and working pls added videos 1 week before
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      The man is doing here that video ads in the war of 170-200 in the lobby and wait
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      • #19 Here it gives the buffer in its use as only one fs fs hs appointed in mortal bane gives the UN tray. This man is doing a very open game too. Security zero
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          fast question so Macro is 3rd Party Program.???


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            Originally posted by Dimitris View Post
            fast question so Macro is 3rd Party Program.???
            no, ppl got block permanently for this
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                I was blocked and did not do anything. I even opened a ticket 7 days ago and nothing


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                  wandalizatorka every time game!
                  ESTSOFT why not arrest wandalizatorka?


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                    wandalizatorka88 selling hack!!!
                    ESTSOFT, stop this hacker please!


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                      Who is wandalizatorka88:




                      UBJOrD0mKCNoLJxOqWdoTsgD4t0vAMEj2qAs0ySuYYkKZsePXb fBv9VFEEwql08&__tn__=C-R



                      FB3: (just sell hack on there)

                      epvp user:

                      real FB:
                      wandalizatorka88 from Poland.

                      ESTSOFT, stop this hacker...
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                        I'm happy I found this blog. Thank you for sharing with us,I too always learn something new from your post.
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