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  • The Dangers of Illegal 3rd Party Programs and Illegal Game Services

    Since there are so many threads about banned accounts and same questions over and over again, I made this thread for all those players who still don't know what 3rd party programs means,and more important-usage of these programs will get them banned. For those who know, you're all aware that you MUST avoid them,and can't use them because it's against Terms of Agreement. Take your time to read this, it will help you understand what you (player) can't do under any circumstances , in order to avoid termination of account.

    I'd like to inform everyone about the dangers of using ''Illegal Third Party Programs''. An illegal third party program is any program created and distributed by someone other than They are used to alter, cheat or modify games.
    • Programs that enhance players abnormally.
    • Programs that modify or create items, units and/or user interface.
    • Programs that disconnects other players from the game or cause game crashes.
    • Automation Programs.
    The use of illegal third party programs is not allowed on CABAL Online. The use of such programs may result in the loss of your items, characters and accounts or even the permanent closure of your CABAL Online Accounts. Other risks involve:
    • Account and password theft.
    • Access to your account and be able to delete, steal or modify your items and/or characters.
    • Access your account keeping you from being able to stay connected to the game.
    • Can also break the Terms of Agreement and cause restrictions to be placed on your account.
    • Illegal third party programs can hinder the game from working correctly, or make it impossible to connect to the game.
    • Illegal third party programs may also contain Trojan Horse, Viruses and/or back-door programs that can grant hackers the ability to remove or manipulate data on your computer remotely and without your knowledge.
    Any kind of illegal third party program may carry a code to do any of the above. Also, be wary of any website that prompts you to enter your CABAL Online Account Name and Password. Non-Official-CABAL-Online website asking for this information may attempt to hi-jack your account.

    How can you protect your computer/account?

    Make sure you never install anything for the game that doesn't come in the form of an official update from If you suspect that your safety is compromised, I strongly recommend scanning your computer for any key logger or virus and taking the necessary steps to secure the safety of your account.

    Please frequently change and update your password and sub-password. Please also use a password that contains Capital Letters, Numbers and Special Characters to increase the security of your account.

    Antivirus Software:
    An Antivirus Software scans your computer's memory and storage space to identify and eliminate viruses.

    Firewall Software:
    A security system intended to protect a computer or network of computers against threats. A firewall can prevent your computer from communicating directly with computers outside your network and vice versa. While this does provide added system security it can affect connections made with our game.

    Computer Updates:
    Ensure that you have the most recent security and service packs installed. These can help greatly by fixing security risks and updating built in security software such as the Windows Firewall to decrease possible threats to your machine. You can find these easily by visiting the Microsoft Windows Update page.

    Anti-spyware Software:
    Anti-spyware Software scans your computer's storage space and services to identify and eliminate programs designed to monitor your computer usage beyond your acceptance. Among many technical issues spyware may also cause crashing and connection issues.

    I would like to inform our users as well about the risks associated with the use of illegal game services.
    An illegal game service is a service provided by a company or individual in exchange for real money. These services are strictly against our terms of agreement, and anyone involved in transactions with these unauthorized vendors are in danger of having their account compromised or blocked.

    The following list contains common illegal services offered by these companies and individuals:
    • Alz Purchasing
    • Power Leveling
    • Account Purchasing
    • Account Selling
    • Character Purchasing
    • Character Selling
    • Item Purchasing
    I would like to remind you that utilizing any of these services is a violation of our terms of agreement, and accounts involved in transactions with these services will be blocked.

    The majority of items, characters, accounts, and Alz being offered by these companies and individuals has been stolen from other users or obtained with the aid of illegal third party programs. Never share your account information with anyone else. Many companies and individuals advertising services that require account access are scamming their customers. The easiest way to prevent your account from being compromised is to avoid these services at all cost.

    This thread has one purpose alone : to inform and to raise awareness of the players, and to keep our players from hazardous services.

    Thank you.
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    very well explained


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      Thanks for combining my two post from CABAL NA.

      Links can be found below

      The Dangers of Illegal Third Party Programs -

      Using Illegal Game Services will get you Blocked! -!

      Edit -

      Sticky'd this thread and Facebook link posted it.
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        Not all the players can or want to check NA forum, and since here wasn't similar thread about it I decided to make one ( I double checked before posting) . I am not trying to disclaim publisher rights or anything (since I am not original author of the text, you are ), just wanted to help fellow players
        Respect Lorkan
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          Never thought my post from 2+ years ago would be used again. I appreciate it and good job reminding the CABAL Community and again thank you.
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            It refers to illegal services offered by those companies and individuals. I assume you asked because nowadays people use oath's to faster lvl their characters. That is safe although they're not ''risk free'' - you need to be careful because not all people who offer exp service are trustworthy...
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              I think it might be considered as aoe hack, since U can at same time hit much more mobs - power lvl


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                Are skins in UI change too?


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                  Originally posted by Raiwulf View Post
                  Are skins in UI change too?
                  no skins are allowed


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                    Hello, sorry for reviving this post, but , i sent a ticket to ask if there was legal to change skin and in-game music, and that's what their reply said : We would like to inform you that altering game files of CABAL is a violation of our policy. Any user who are caught with this violation is subjected for immediate disciplinary action once proven.


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                      So what's the truth? are we allowed or not to do local changes??
                      [ sorry for double post, it was a mistake ]


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                        I have a question here, i know a dozen of people (at least really a lot) who used something "Super Gaming Mouse" (sorry i don't remember the name) or something like that, which has buttons you can configure for different functions. I told them not to do it, but they said it is not illegal. It looked like they were in Porta Inferno for like 12 hours but they were not in front of the monitor, but away from keyboard. This "Super Gaming Mouse" made of its job.

                        So my question is that illegal or not? (my 2 cents are on that it is)


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                          playing game while actualy not playing it is allowed? surely not....


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                            i have a question . is hotspot shield okay?. because im staying at dorm an ports are closed. i have to use it to enter the game


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                              is it allowed to run cabal on a second screen with second account on same pc. like the programm sandboxi or somethink like this. i can create a second luncher.
                              or do i have to buy a second pc to play 2 accounts?