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  • Endgame build

    Hello everyone.

    I would like to ask you what's the endgame build for WI (depending helm, weapons, cr and mcr etc build) accoarding to your opinion? And why?

    For example would you prefer 40/7 (or boosted of course) helmet and 2x orbs or would you go for 15/24, one 40/7 orb and the other maybe 40/8 (amp) ?

    Feel free to discuss here c:

    kind regards
    Auctoritas non veritas facit legem [GA] Nenya (pls)

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    dmg wise strongest should be 24/17cr helm, 44/8amp orb, 44/7cr orb with 44/8amp helm for bma
    same dmg is my personal build with 44/7cr helm, 44/7cr orb and 24/8amp/10cr, just less dmg in bma compared to first build
    cr wise 65/65 would be enough if you play pt only, for solo 70/70 is pretty neat for me
    Eternity till the end


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      Depends what you consider end game i suppose. For party dungeon the optimal amount of rate is 69. Thats because panic is -21%rr and hard luck is -10% which will boost you to a very tastey 100% cr on the target not including blocks or misses. This allows you to maximise your amp and cd whilst critting 100% of the time. 7/44 everything for you rate in bike etc as wi dont get passive rate like fa fs fb. Now this is where things can get complicated. Achieving 69 rate and a finished set i would not consider end game. Yes you are doing the absolute maximum dps you can whilst in party. But no doubt the average player will look to solo content for a challenge. This is where rate becomes your best friend as crit is king for soloing map bosses like pluma etc. For example when i solo pluma i hit only 8k non crit or so (not finished set but strong) and thats only just enough to stop it from restoring its hp xD. So perhaps look more to 5 mcr equip or higher mcr pet with a 17/24 to maximise solo dps. (Even 5% rate makes a big difference). Now you are the king of dps in your guild and you destroy all the content solo like a beast you need a new challenge. End game pvp. This part like making seperate solo equip can also be expensive. You need to find a way to stack a decent amount of resist rate, without losing all of your cr/mcr and in general how well you survive. (Try not to lose to much def at the same time) this can either be your best friend or your enemy. Making a resist rate bike is a great way to go. But if you need say 5 rate from your bike try to make a resist rate bike with 5 rate in 1 slot. That way you will keep up a good amount of dmg and tank better. But there alot of options thes days for rate mcr and resist rate. Finding a way that works for you is the key. Personally only using archi eog atm putting my focus into finishing the base of my set. But i have used rr bikes in the past and i know the benefit. I hope this helped somewhat with building your end game wi. And sorry for big page of text lol


      • Kakaroto
        Kakaroto commented
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        #NenyaTM "(72 with 33cr via rings update)"

        Mybe I misunderstood you, but we alrdy have 33cr via rings, in order to aplay it, you must be 200lvl.

      • Ekip
        Ekip commented
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        I would say it depends on your opinion of extreme upgrade, as an Fa that ran full terra and osm gloves power alone is almost enough to push you through alot of content. And 3/3 extreme is good without costing so much you want to cry xD the way i done it was with def rate passives and rune etc. Along with very high level accerories providing defensive stats. Carnelian talisman etc its only really soloing high end content that requires alot of defense as you know. Aft eod3 pf pi and golem dont miss much xD you would be suprised what you can achieve using evasion and reflex potions but i cant give an accurate opinion for wizard as fa are pretty solid at tanking. Unlike my sp giving friends ^^

      • NenyaTM
        NenyaTM commented
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        @dbz fanboi: oh okay 71 cr then (sorry and thank you )

        @pikipoki: well I'll see. Will go for some other things first anyway. And as soon as I finished the other things I still can change to mith + or stay with sig.

        ye you fa guys! But np ask atos. Am a tanky wi

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      My build: 10 rate mith orb with amp Sig orb with 7 rate Helmet 7 rate Bike 4% rate Pet 1% rate + 7% max rate Suit 3% max rate Which gives 67/69 rate (sexy) I plan making 2x costume - 2% cr on single and 2-3% max cr on aura. 69 is nice, but on pt dungeons somtimes I hit non crit, rarely but still. Does bosses have some ammount of resist cr?


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        My Build, full 40/7 (Orbs,Helm) 5 rate in bike 2x rate in Costume and 1 max rate... 5 max rate in Pet. I end up with 68/68 and 300 cdmg atm and i will have only 1 Part with max rate in slot.