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  • Despair

    Hey, old 150+ WI returning player looking for something to help me with my despair :P I started playing duo with my friend, but he cant play anymore so I'm left alone. I took WI only cuz it was good duo party and I really enjoyed it. We lvled up together, did dungeons and stuff. But now, when I started playing alone, I feel so weak and hopeless. I often start to compare it to other classes and my WI falls almost behind all of them.
    FS got op CD/CR with Deff,
    BL - high HP/Rates/CD on skills/Perfect evade,

    WA - High HP/Deff/Decent Att buffs

    FB - Debuffs, nuff said :P

    FA - hes maybe only one that isn't very strong, only his heal and range looks ok.

    Meanwhile, my WI got nothing, I cant survive cuz of low HP/Deff, I don't do as much dmg as others, got no CD/CR buffs or skills.
    1850 m.att
    993 deff
    46 CR
    105 CD
    32 Amp
    How do you guys managed it ? I cant play anything more than FT ( goes hard ) solo. Hard to lvl up in maps alone. I really wanna love my WI, spend a lot of time to him, but i just find it so
    hard now Any tips, help or anything that could bring back the joy is more thnak welcome

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    espacially on lower lvls wi is kinda difficult or even annoying to play, consider yourself a supporter, its not your priority as wi to solo dungs or having aggro/tank bosses, try to find yourself a guild with people around your lvl and set, once your char grows up, rest will come by itself. dont give up if you get rekt often, in tg for example if you get ganked, mostly 1 unmove is your death, once you get beyond the point of being a free kill, wi is one of the most fun to play characters in my opinion, but this will take time, practice, set and mostly just willpower to achieve that.
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      You will always be behind other classes with WI, especially if you like to solo stuff. Like Arkei said, its more like support. I had really good, cant say perfect, but really good gear. 2x 40/7 +15 sigs, and rest archi 7 amp +15. +12 belt,+7 tali,8cr 20dmg +14pw and I couldnt solo some stuff which other classes with worse set soloed. So if you prefer solo play, go FA or BL, you gonna enjoy the game even more.


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        I'm sure you helped him a lot after 2 months xd

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      And for PvP... just nah This game has nothing else then hard farming for lil bit stats at endgame, no PvP at all. You cant call TG PvP. If you are looking for a good PvP game, you should check WoW or archage. Once you buy WoW, you can keep playin by buying ingame subscription which is really easy to farm. Easier then cabal CC items


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        @tauntyou: pretty crap advise tbh. I am a wiz myself and with those stuff you u mentioned you should be able to do something solo and tg is still good with wiz. So what I am saying is that gameplay and character knowledge is important, not only gear. i am a wow player too (shadowsong server) and even there if you are full gladiator gear it still comes to gameplay. Anyway if you like the wizard (like me) you stick with it and there are guilds around that would gladly have you as wizard with them. Farming together is faster.
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          Well, PF bosses are soloable with pots and odds, but other classes can do it much easier with crappier gear, so its kinda bad I guess. I said, its not good fo solo, its good for party.