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  • Just a Quick question bout gear.

    Hello there fellow Warriors,

    I haven't played for some time... (said no one ever...)
    Just wanted to ask a question that's on my mind latelly.
    What GS should I use? and before You start raging on me "omg another one..." hear me out.

    When i last played cabal Osm GS 72%cd was considered a really nice GS and that's what I have right now. I've read few topics bout gear, and I know what should I aim for but before i will be able to afford that I was woundering what might be good "in between" option, before i will be able to aford somthing like sigmetal 80/14.
    And the reason mostly why I'm looking for that somthing "in between" is that I'm struggling with a lot and i mean A LOT of misses/blocks... doing hazzardous valley or whatever that dx i called missing last boss 6-8 time in a row kills me literally... no dmg vamps dont work equals dead WA.
    So bout that GS options that I have seen on auction house are somthing like that: Palladium/archrdium GS 14amp 2slot/ Archirdium GS 18rate 2slot or The more expensive option Palladium daikatana 72cd, just bear in mind my current assets are like 1b :P

    PS. I already have runes and stuff like that for att rate and I'm lvling like crazy to get to 190lv (183lv right now) also made some adjustment to my stats so i have 200 dex right now and i decided that te best way will be to change my old osm GS and that should make the biggest differance not only in att rate but dmg too.

    thanks in advance and Cheers!

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    I was playing WA for over year and I was using many GSes. I remember best my osm +15 72cd with 1 extreme upgrade, it was doing nice at low tg but for higher lvl dungs it could have just not enough dmg.
    I was using also archi gs +11 56 cd and was doing some serious dmg with it. I would recommand you getting cm mirth/archi 58cd or normal 52-60cd above +9/10 untill you can afford +15 80cd sig.
    Also many things depend on your current helmet, I was using aramid +15 15/24 and you should get same (maybe bstin-stit if u can afford) ASAP!.
    Feel free to ask questions, I ll be glad if i can assist you


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      I've never played a WA but for this issue "I'm struggling with a lot and i mean A LOT of misses/blocks", you must get more attack rate and accuracy. You can obtain attack rate via better weapon, attack rate rune, lvls and rank ups, passiv skills. Accuracy is obtaineble by extreme upgrades on weapons and rw/pw, orphidia amulet, siena braclets, accuracy rune, costume, awaken tyrant ring and tempus.