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  • Starting the game with a new char.

    Hey guys, first of all, thank you for coming here. I'm an old player and I decided to come back and be active in the game! I had a wizard before and now it's time to try new classes and different kind of gameplay! I was wondering how good Warrior , Blader and Force Archer are, because probably I will start the game with one of these. I made a post in the Warrior section because I really love him, but if you don't mind I would like to know pros and cons of each class, how good they are nowadays and a short message about the gameplay! If you have any kind of advice, please let me know!

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    Force Archer is useless in parties nowadays if you ask me. Once you get FA buffs there's nothing he can offer you. Heals aren't good enough for stuff like eod3 (suppression+povs all the way) and you simply don't need to be healed on weaker dungeons.

    Blader has the highest single target damage output among all classes and his defensive capabilities are way higher than they should be. Best class for soloing anything, still needed in every endgame dungeon party. Easiest choice if you ask me.

    I'm playing Warrior myself. It has few pros and cons i'll list below:
    + you need to buy only one waepon while other classes need 2 of them and each of those are pretty much as expensive as greatsword
    + fun at parties. It's a ''must have'' class for endgame dungeons.
    + high damage output with Bloody Spirit
    + you get to swing an axe, lol
    - Bloody Spirit is a pain in the ass until you get enough gear to use it here and there. It makes you get stuck for a long time in terms of solo gameplay - you won't be able to do more than aos2 until you get really (i mean REALLY) strong. TIP: Getting level 190 ~ 200 helps A LOT with survivability.
    - Warrior doesn't have any crit rate on his own. That's pretty much the most important stat and you'll need to get it from the gear which means either getting 24/15 helmet or a 80/14 greatsword as soon as possible in order to see some real damage. If i were you i'd just go for the redosm GS 80/14 2/2 eventually.

    I was considering switching to Blader myself but then I suddenly got enough alz to buy/make few decent +15 parts and yeah it's really fun to play geared WA.

    (Seems to me that Gladiator is similar to Warrior, if you're considering choosing this one too. Never played it tho')

    btw. there's been crapload of threads just like this one

    Mercury - TheBloodsin



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      First of all, thank you for answering me! I wanted a short but detailed description of the classes, which you gave me! I wanted to change class from wizard to one of those above, because I'm tired of asking for party everytime! I will choose a class, which carries out these tasks: -the class should be good for solo dungeons and also useful for parties - the class should be competitive and not boring in almost each field (pvp, pve, tg ) I really like those classes and I'm stuck on which one to choose. I hope other people will help me to figure out what to do. And yes, there are many of those threads, but those have never helped me. That's the reason why I've created a new one!


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        Bump. Anyone else can help me?


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          i would say go for BL its broken op char who is making s***t on other class in solo even with just 7 amp parts


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            I'll leave my opinion: Fa - like qbixx said - useless nowadays. He wrote all the reasons and i dont see smth wrong from his words. Wi - played wi and i didnt enjoy it. Low def, hp, crap situations everywhere, expensive parts. The moment of joy to see enormously big crits in bm3 is just instant regret cuz the aggro is on u. Fb - really needed in parties and tg. A lot fun with it. Good pvp char. Parts are not so expensive but they are hard to find now. Fs - fun char. After last few updates the party role of fs became bigger. It is fun char imo. Cheap parts. I would say good dmg. Rly good hp and def stat. I like it. Wa - imo its boring. I find it good only in tg because it has highest hp and rly nice aoe in combo/bm3. Needed for most of dungs. 1 weapon instead of 2. I would say thay wa parts are not rly expensive which is good if u start new char. Bl - im playing blader since day 1 on cabal and i would not play any other class. The bad thing is the parts are in expensive. Nowadays many players quit their chars and re-roll to blader. I dont like this fact. Gl - i cannot say anything for it. Imo its similar to warrior type.


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              Thank you both! I agree as qtoo said. That's the reason why I'm quitting wi. I don't really know. FA seems close to WI but he can heal hiself so survability won't be a problem. (Which is the thing that WI doesn't have) I love magic class because of the range and if I ever decide to choose FA, I will have most of the equip of my WI. I have a force blader (179) and I have never gave me a chance to play him. Blader looks cool but it needs good gameplay and gear to be used in a decent way. Warrior is a perfect class for solo in my opinion. Good buffs, good def, good atk, needed in parties, excellent in TG and he's also cheaper than the other classes. Dunno about FS or GL. I don't like them and I will never play those. I really can't decide.


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                Follow ur desire. Start an archer. As u said u can use ur eq from wi. Fa is good char.