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  • Returned player. Lot's of questions...about warriors

    HI guys! I hope there are still left some active players here. I have played this game back in like idk. 170 was the max lvl. So yeah, everything is kinda new. Trying to catch up.

    I'm turning to you guys maybe you can help me out a bit. I'm kinda low lvl'd 136..Dont even have BM3 yet!

    This is my current gear : if you can give me some tips where should I head. what should I buy next and stuff. I would really appreciate it.

    So main question: 60 DMG +9 osm DK like 409 attack
    54 DMG +7 redosm GS like 448 attack (got from a quest it's dont have the 2 slot filled yet so that would be plus money spent on that one. but i could sell the osm DK maybe..)

    What you guys think ? Thanks for replys
    Plus: Does anyone knows a friendly guild where i could join ?
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    In my opinion you can buy 2x bof+7 or 2x bof+3 slotted. Also 2x ve+7. Jewerlies +7 are kinda cheap now. While u are working on ur honour, u can Farm merga ring. And get second cr+1. This 5% rate helm is okey for now. But u will have only 40% crit rate. If i were you, i would sell this osm daika and search for a weapon with 10% or 16% crit rate. Redosm 16% rate 40% cd char bind greatswords are really cheap. If u use rol+2, merga, redosm gs 16cr40cd and aop4 u will have exactly 51/51 rate. And with these items u can use 36/40 cd helm, ans not rate one. But this is my opinion. Wa need as high rate as possible.


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      Thanks man! That seems good I will try to farm this set out. Merga ring is my concern because of eod is like 2.4kk now and I have bad luck with these. already done like 10run( I mean some people get it in like 2-3 )

      Do you happened to know if i have both merga quest. The boss wil always drop the seal power but can he drop the ring. or i should give up the seal power quest for the drop quest. ? I dont really know how is this works.