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  • Art of Defence - useless in PvP

    Maybe it's time to do something with this skill, because FS is really useless on TG.

    AoD is now. I miss than old good AoD. Present AoD not help to survive. FB or BL easy kill FS with AoD, Shadow Shield is really poor protection and its exclusive party skill. Besides if opponents attack in large group, AoD is useless totaly. They kill me easy.

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    Hi there Ezariel!

    I appreciate that you have started a debate on AOD

    But the real thing is that u got the wrong point of this skill.

    Personally, I would not prefer to have the old AOD rather than new AOD+Reflect shield

    Also, nowadays fs is more an offensive class talking about PVP because of the boost of stats like attack A FS with 2200 attack and 300 cd vs a target with low Resist CR (1-10%) in PVP can make real problems!!

    Also you can add reflect shield when using shadow shield and with your resist down/stun skill.

    FS is very useful nowadays and I can`t wait for the new updates for them. FS was never more powerful than it is today, from my point of view.

    Also I`m not sure in what TG are u playing, but in 170-200 I can not survive against WA/WI. While FB AND BL can damage me very little unless the BL is full geared and hits me in bm2a with 5k per claw critical.

    TG must be something organized... like you will never go without a friend FB against a WI or against a BL.

    My defense in TG is 2600-2700 with an aprox 450 damage reduce and a WI in BM1A hitted me with 10k on cannon... i was amazed!!

    I would like to mention the use of BM1 with the reflect shield. Have you tried it? it just comes naturally!!

    I`m waiting for more replies on what you guys are thinking about the offensive fs vs old defensive fs.



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      Reflect shield is useless same like AoD. RS duration is 8 sec - so low. The point is, FS don't have anything usefull on TG. Only Mortal Bane can you help a little with dmg, but still need AoD but even with AoD mobs deal to you average dmg. Reflex Shield just dosn't work. I try it many times.
      Besides AoD on TG dramaticaly low you attack range, so... FB have x2 Exacration + Mana Freeze from time to time. This 10 sec is enough to kill me with debuffs, I don't have any posibility to defence.

      I mean TG 110-139, but it dosn't matter. It's probly depend from set, but old AoD was not depend from set. On my TG mostly I'm alone against a stupid FB who all time troll me and I just ca'nt go away from base, becasue he all time exacration me and kill in 5 sec... Before I ressurect, he have reloaded debuffs, and do it again, and again. LOL

      Anyway, new FS is still defensive on dungs, but in Cabal there is no typical classes. Any classs must be powerfull for surviving and be usefull. There is no other way to do chalanges.


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        About fb execration, you can use resist execration potions, which you can buy or find in events. Or in low tg, you have higher chance obtaining bringer, which gives you exe resist as well, same like high honor. If you can't achive any of those, you can pop aod, when he execrates you, even suppress him, or go bm2, and suppress him again, thats 10 sec suppresion, and you in aod, Enough time to counter his exe, survive, and escape. Escaping, you can achive via bike, movement speed potions ( obtainable in events, item shop ) or simply dash, fade, and if he catches you with his bike, or speed potion, and if your def skils are on cooldown, only then ( if his execration works ) he has strong chances in killing you.

        But again his way of killing you that way, can only last till you your self obtain more def ( to survive 20 sec exe ), or obtain bike. or above mention stuff. There are lot of ways to counter fb for any class, to counter it's silence, mana, execration.

        Ofc fb can still kill it's opponent, but with lot of try's and lot of effort. It's not simply exe and combo, like before.


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          1. Don;t talk about RANDOM items please. It's so stupid. Sure, you can have apotions, thas like you can have +15 Miths from e-buy...
          2. No, I can,t becasue this FB kill me in 5-6 sec with debuffs. 10 sec without it or 6-8 with one debuff... So I can't escape, I cant doanything, becasue he have a x2 Exacration. My AoD have a long cool down time you know...


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            I think FS is not suitable for you..

            Go make fb if u think he is a god


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              I think you are noob who cant read with capprehension


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                Fb has one execration. If he uses another one ( field of execration ) he will have 180 sec cooldown on both. So he is using normal exe, whos cooldown is around 46 sec. And if he kills you in 5 sec with debuffs, that even naked you can survive. Suppresion alone is 5 sec.. If you need help, how to behaive in those situations, what to obtain, and so on, just ask, If you gona insult everyone who is here to help, lets see how far will that lead you.


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                  There is no point to help in this. All depend of set and enemy character class. So true, I have crap set, becasue it's only Shine Guard +4/+7, but still FS is just crap now and need a little change or boost.


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                    Please delete the reply with the insult to me.
                    I`m here to help, and when i tell you it is not suitable for you , then maybe i`m right because you say so many things about that FB lvl 139 wich can almost kill me in pvp and i`m 187 2500 def 2000 attack. So stop talkin crap and go make the character suitable for you.

                    Gear always did matter, and also the resist cr is very important.
                    You will never defeat any other class with shineguard +7
                    I dont think FS need a boost, but i do think that BL should be nerfed just a little bit (for PVE)


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                      Bl can kill anything, even naked, with its op flee and aof. With ofc good gameplay. About fs, i would improve only ss, since 8k dmg is nothing now, and 300 sec cooldown? whats up with that.


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                        Imo, fs without good gear is nothing nowadays, also let's not forget about good effectors. They help a lot during tg. But tg 170+ is now about - you need to kill your opponent faster than he would kill you. It's not like 'oh I will turn on aod, cause he will hit me for 1, hahaha'. Normal bl (if he is not mad, or he just sees easy kill) will leave you and go and kill someone else, cause there is no point for him to lose shorts at you. Aod AS A BUFF is good enough if you are using it in good position/time (I'm the fs with 2.3k defense clearly and 500+ dmg reduce). IMO they should improve aod to move during it, cause Why not? Bl can move during flee, Fb during enchant, wiz during his ss, etc etc. Why not moving if you are not even immortal? It helps in group, but with today's eq (21 amped+ or so) fs is not allowed to run away while being alone (when you can't turn on ss). It's not about flame (oh, ah, fs is enough pro now) but let's not forget that IT SHOULD be tanking class, also on dungs moving with aod would help, cause sometimes even higher bosses are bugged and can move during unmove (or just Fb forget to debuff).


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                          FS isnt useles in TG. Played correctly it can be a very useful member or a bad oppenent in few situations.
                          The thing is that a lot of people dont know how to play this class or how to use its skills senseful.
                          FS is since TG came out the most difficult class in my opinion if you want to play successfully.


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                            *a crying tread about FS... let's take a look...
                            damn... i mean... no... just no... ignor...*

                            WTT silenc skill for supression skill. pm me

                            Originally posted by XxChurinaXx View Post
                            FS isnt useles in TG. Played correctly it can be a very useful member or a bad oppenent in few situations.
                            The thing is that a lot of people dont know how to play this class or how to use its skills senseful.
                            FS is since TG came out the most difficult class in my opinion if you want to play successfully
                            this +1... i love to run TG with a FS on my site