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    Hi! This is Fabu !

    I wanted to open a thread debate for so long..

    Force shielder is a character based mostly on critical damage, damage reduction and defense.

    There are so many players who choose this class and when they reach high level, they begin to have troubles with the Attack stat.
    Because of the fast leveling these days people tend to buy SIGmetals when they get like 120-130 even they are expensive and use them till they get lvl 190 for example.
    The sad reality talking about SIGmetals 40 cd is that they are used by other classes like FA, BL, FB and that`s why they are so expensive.

    Medium weapon test-> crystal (FS lvl 169)

    Archridium +10 20 cd 40 all attack up
    Mithril +12 20 cd 4 amp
    Sigmetal +11 36 cd

    PVE = Archridium was the best on bm3 criticals on bosses low def/high def

    PVP= Mithril was the best on free stlye combo pvp / face-to-face (european style) combo pvp / BM3 against War Mision high def players/resist cr

    Using a Sigmetal +11 36cd crystal + Mithril blade +9 26cd, I wanted to try to see if a Sigmetal blade +11 40cd (craftsman) hits harder and I was dissapointed even in PVE where sigmetal should have hitted harder. The difference was like 800 damage/hit more in bm3 for Mithril blade +9 and without critical it was aprox. 300 damage/hit vs ic1 lycanus boss (first one)

    Heh, I would like to know if someone else tested weapons. Please send a feedback reply

    RIP Cabal calculator.
    RIP Game advisors.
    RIP Old war mission (Chaos arena battle)


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    I've tested at least the ATK vs. CD before:

    A CM Mith Blade+15 (28cd) does more damage than a Sig Blade +15 (36cd) in both pvp and pve for me. You gotta find a good mix between amp, cd and atk.
    The best option instead of going for a 40cd / 36cd sig blade (which is usually bought by bladers to try random rate or whatever and thats why its expensive) is going for a cm mith blade. its cheaper and the damage actually better.
    i wouldnt recommend going for amp weapons on a fs. the amp you get from the armor is enough to compensate for the lack of amp in weapons until you get endgame gear, where you should still go for critdmg in weapons and helm craft

    I also tested bikes.
    I myself right now have a bike with atk craft and atk slots in them. Amp/CD bikes are better, but not by a lot and considering their price, if you dont have that kind of money lying around but you still want a damage boost, i recommend going for the cheaper option of atk bikes first.


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      Would you recommend attack bike instead of k red?


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        if you have enough rate to fill out your current max rate, definetly.
        it doesnt give you just atk bonus but also defense and a rw3 atk bike is relatively cheap