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  • Gear goal?


    As im getting back to upgrading gear more and more, im asking this question a lot: "What gear am i working towards"?

    Im trying to inspect level 190-200 FB's but they all have their gear inspection locked (no surprise there) so I decided to post it on the forums

    I know that:

    - Helm with 2x crit dmg
    -Boots with Amp & HP steal max
    - Suit with Amp & HP
    -Gloves with amp & HP steal %
    - katana & orb with 2x Crit DMG

    If that sounds about right, what am i looking in with accessories? Belt, rings etc.

    Thanks for reading through!

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    i dont know if you want to go in the "endgame" gear of FB or just something to do your casual Dungeons.

    casual FB:

    headgear 2x cd
    boots amp craft hp steal max slot
    suit amp craft hp/mcr slot
    gloves amp craft hp steal/mcr slot
    weaps cd in slot cd craft

    good sienas with pene (for start low ones with some dmg% and amp are good)
    amulet of pain +6-7 or Orphi with nice CD stats
    +5 charm or higher if possible
    Fighter Belt +10-+12
    good aoc effector and mana freeze (upcoming update)
    arcana chaos /law +9 or higher to +12
    Bluebike or rw3 with dmg stats amp/cd
    vamp +7-+8 earrings


    • TheHusky
      TheHusky commented
      Editing a comment
      And thats a casual gear? ^^

      Im a bit scare of upgrading my belt due to the cost of Chaos Cores and that a fail means it breaks :/

      How important is having craft preset to gear? What does it add?

      Was thinking Leth Tyrant ring is important as well since it has a great CD?

      But thanks for this list. Will give me a point to the right direction

    • Rias
      Rias commented
      Editing a comment
      All items what need chaos cores should be the last thing what need to be high

      Tyran/Killian and 2x cr rings are also fine

    • TheHusky
      TheHusky commented
      Editing a comment
      I might get my crafting up to create Chaos Cores since I run ECA a lot.

      What about bike, is there a way to manually put AMP/CD on it?

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    On the side note, how important is it to have a higher grade orb / crystal due to "Astral Enchant" special? Gives you attack and CD.
    Currently, my Lapis gives me +68 att and 13% dmg, 15% rate.


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      It's an old image as you can see there's no Archridium or Palladium, but the values are correct....As for archridium or palladium, you can just buy a cheap crystal/orb and see how much it gives you


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        How important is having craft preset to Maddenvip gear? What does it add?