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  • curse remove

    Its description is to release from unmove state. I wonder why doesnt it work when you cast aos, and use curse remove on your self. Its a feature that would be fair i belive, and something that designers should implement in future.

    Fa as a class, draws its strengt from range, using aos, actualy does more damage to it self, then to others, since you cant move, cant heal in combo, and cant keep range.

    Anyhow just wanted to express my oppinion regarding this, its small chance it will get changed, if you disagree or agree, or something else. Feel free and reply. Wonder what others thing about this.

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    I really like the idea of that. Its long cooltime giving fb's a chance to take you down. Could also use it on force shielders to allow them to run in aod. But i dont think the developers would see this as a good idea. For instance i can get to around 22-25k attack abilities in aos. And around 400cd with aos. Now if i was running around in bm3+aura full party shorts and full synergy pushing me to 80 rate. I dont even think god could save you. But it would add a new flavour to tg for fb's and fs if they were also allwed to have the unmove aspect removed. And as for heal i think the cast time should be reduced. Healing has became a thing again for me going b3f without povs. I can save the party 3kk ea on a couple bosses per run. I think it would also increase the skill level of FA as they can support a team and kill at the same time. (Target party member, heal, target boss, attack skill) if players were able to do this in a game tick. (Instant cast ability) it would seperate the men from the boys in the fa community. (The ladies are fine as they are) :P


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      Indeed, Fa only got nerfed, with bm3 intruduction, beside that, it havent got any boost, like fb,wi and other classes perhaps. I belive it was nerfed by geting their hp reduced.
      Also would be good to have normal heal, inside and outside of tg. Normal is 1.4k, and in tg its 720 i think.
      Giving how game is evolving, with new items like talisman, cornelian, new gear like paladium ( more extremes) It is all resulting in Def conquering atack.
      So those 1400 heals per 3 sec, would help a lot inside of tg.
      Im not asking for 5x hp of 1400 heal, like everything goes conserning hp boost in tg. Just to remain as it is.

      Also regarding skill drill shot, its description was that it never miss a target. Would be unique and good thing, that its posible to by pass flee, and evasion potions.


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        The fatals of bm3 and combo is designed to never miss already. Just not on intu from blader and people that lag on tg and teleport after i fatal them 3x. I think heal should ve changed for tg. Given a bigger cooltime similar to aos around 120 seconds. But used as emergency heal. Heal like 10k. And mass like 7.5k to all party with a 180 second cooltime. Giving fa more support in tg. Because lets face it apart from curse remove Fa is just another dmg/buff class in tg. Wizard and Wa have insane hp restore in tg. For example when karhad uses cats recovery in his resist gear. He actually restores life when fighting him. So it would be nice to see Fa get its support role back