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  • Help with HP absorb on my Blader

    Been having problems survivng, more importantly with HP absorb. It steals veeeeeeery little amount of HP no matter how big of a group of enemies it is or how big the damage. I basically cant survive on current build and i would like some help.

    Weird thing is that my FB recovers more hp and can survive with very familiar hp absorb.

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    watch this little guide and you know why you dont have high amount of HP Steal ^^


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      Originally posted by Rias View Post

      watch this little guide and you know why you dont have high amount of HP Steal ^^

      Useful little video! So basically i will just steal how much my limit up is, per enemy? Thanks.


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        It used to work like this, and I don't think much has changed.

        1) You steal per skill (or attack), not hit, so if you hit 4 times with a skill, you only leech back once, at the beginning of the animation.
        2) Your imposed limit of maximum HP recovered is 5% of your total HP points.

        Taking that into account, here's what we have. Let's assume you have the following situation:

        Level 200 BL - You will get a default of Level/10 of Max HP/MP steal her hit. At 200 this is 20, at 199, this is 19 (always rounded down).
        6000 HP - The limit to how much HP you can get back (not the actual leeched value) used to be 5% of HP pool, so in theory, you could get back 300 HP per skill/hit, without factoring anything else.
        Random damage value of 8000 per claw/skill - This would be your current damage, let's assume it's 8000, but replace in the formula with your real one.
        4%HP Steal of the total damage - This is part of the formula below, and it's your character amount.
        71 Max HP steal her hit - One of the formula coefficients

        The formula is: %HP steal * damage = +HP steal, as long as +HP steal items are higher than this value, and at the same time below 5% HP pool.

        To explain it step by step:

        1) 4% HP steal x 8000 damage = 320 potential HP steal - you could leech 320HP back due to your % and damage
        2) Because of your HP pool the actual limit is 5% * 6000 (300) which is less than 320 above generated by damage and %HP steal, your new limit is therefore 300 HP steal until you increase your HP pool (which is why buffs are important)
        3) The game looks for the +HP steal value, and compares it to this 300 limit. You have 71 which is <300, so it's ok, so you get back that 71 HP per hit.

        Now, to optimize these values, you have to adjust them based on:

        1) Your damage
        2) Your HP pool
        3) Your +HP limit
        4) Your %HP steal value

        If I want to steal 140 HP per hit (which is a reasonable amount for my WI), and I dish out around 7000 damage, I'd have
        %HP * 7000 = 140 HP -> %HP = 140/7000 = 0.02 = 2% ... so to steal all of that 140 HP, I need 2% HP steal at 7000 damage.

        if I increase my defense and damage through gear, and I feel safe to leech back 100 HP only, or I sacrificed HP steal for Amulet of Pain for instance, I'd have:
        %HP * 12000 (my new damage value) = 100 +HP steal (my desired HP back) needed => the % that I have to wear is x/100 * 12000 = 100, x = 100/120 = 0.8 = 1% HP steal in order to leech back 100 HP per hit worth 12.000 damage.

        If on the other hand I have 2% HP steal and dish out 9000 damage and don't know how much +HP to wear for maximum efficiency, then:
        2% * 9000 = ? HP -> ? +HP steal = 18000/100 = 180 +HP steal per hit ... but wearing 180 might mean I give up on damage, so I could go for 1% and 90+HP steal

        All in all, the higher the damage value, the lower the % you need to wear to leech back the same amount of HP (provided you have enough +HP steal value)

        When I do the math for my characters, I start by:

        1) Looking at my HP pool and calculating the 5% limit
        2) I look at the damage that I deal, and find out how much HP i can get back for each value (1%, 2%, 3%)
        3) I choose the +HP steal value that I feel safe with getting back (100 or 140 per hit), and then adjust the %HP as found above
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        • TheHusky
          TheHusky commented
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          This is an excelent and very informative post. Thanks. I will go through this and do the calculation by myself!

        • RatzaTM
          RatzaTM commented
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          Also, do the math for noncrits, not crits, unless you got 70cr or so ) .. you might not crit a lot in a row which will severely affect your vamp

        • TheHusky
          TheHusky commented
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          Currently my CR on blader is . Im struggling with CR a lot. FB spoiled me :/